(Founder, Owner, CTO, Photographer, Videographer) After over 30 years of senior management with major technology companies Alan looked for a creative way to channel his technology background with his love of photography and created Island Digital Images, LLC. The simple premise behind the company was to provide high quality online representation of properties that will enable prospects to experience the property as realistically as possible.


(Owner, CFO, Quality Control, Resource Scheduling, Photographer) Kim enjoyed a career with major electronics and computer manufacturers where she had a great variety responsibilities ranging from retail sales to operations management to new product development and marketing. Today Kim manages the operations aspects of Island Digital Images, LLC.


(Team Photographer) Having been a professional photographer since 2019, Deanna is an experienced photographer and customer service manager. Deanna poses the combination of technical photography skills with an emphasis on customer satisfaction to meet and exceed our clients expectations. Deanna is highly respected by the clients that she serves as a part of the Island Digital Images, LLC family.


(Team Photographer / Post Production Specialist) Mercedes is an accomplished photographer understanding both production and post production processes as an accomplished Family / Lifestyle photographer. As a team member for IDI Virtual Tours, Mercedes specializes in making properties and people look their best.


(UAV/Drone Pilot) Jacob is an experienced UAV pilot / photographer who has filmed many commercial and residential properties throughout the area. He is licensed as a Part 107 UAV pilot. He is also a fine arts creator who has an eye for perspective and detail. With his extensive background flying drones along with his creativity we are able to provide our clients with fantastic drone photos and videos.


(Team Photographer) Having been a professional photographer since 2019, Lexis is an experienced photographer and content creator. As a member of our team Lexis is responsible for the onsite interaction with our clients and showing properties in their best light.


(Post Production Specialist) Anna has a BS in Graphics and Design. Prior to joining our team Anna was a Design Associate who was responsible for photo quality control for another company. Anna has been editing photos professionally since 2020 and is one of our team members responsible for our Premiere Luxury Photo editing process.


(Post Production Specialist) Arnold has a BS in Information Technology and is very detailed oriented. Arnold has been editing real estate photos since 2018. As a team member of IDI Virtual Tours, Arnold applies his years of post-production knowledge to focus on our Premiere Luxury Photo Processing.


(Team Mascot) Oreo is our team mascot and helps keep everyone grounded and not to take life too seriously, she really likes long walks and ice cream as well as many treats.